Prototyped with InVision

There are some apps that we use on a regular basis without thinking twice. Netflix is probably one of them. Just imagine a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon during the lockdown. Chances are, you will log into your Netflix account and start binge-watching The Office (oh wait, The Office is…

For this second portfolio project, I had the option to keep working on my Bootstrap project and update it with my new found React powers or start a new project altogether. I decided to go with the second route and build a new project from scratch.

I have different interests…


Here we are, I completed my first front-end bootcamp project. The goal was to put into practice what I have learned during my Bootstrap course. Before starting this bootcamp, I struggled a little bit with layouts. I used this project to ensure that I had a perfect command of the…

Leafy: a plant delivery service

All the brands that I love offer experiences to their clients, either online or offline. The brands that I remember the most are those which don’t necessarily try to sell me something each time I’m exposed to them but instead, tell me a story.

So for this portfolio project, I…

Laura Harston

I’m Laura, an aspiring front end developer. I love fashion, indie music, photography, and of course good food.

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